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Dry Rot Damage Services in Maryland, DC & Northern VA

Dry Rot Removal Services

There's nothing as unpleasant as dry rot damage, and the ironic thing about it is that it has nothing to do with a lack of moisture. What actually causes dry rot damage is excess moisture that makes contact with wood. Dry rot happens when fungus takes its time breaking down wood fibers, and this in turn makes wood brittle and weak. A good sign of dry rot damage in wood is when the weakened wood feels dry--giving the condition "dry rot" its name.

Dry Rot Damage Prevention

To successfully reduce and prevent dry rot damage, you need to eliminate excess moisture, but it isn't as simple as getting a leaking pipe fixed. One of the most common reasons for dry rot and termite damage is when wood comes into contact with soil, as the case happens with failed foundations.

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When the moisture can't be controlled, and the dry rot fungus has gained a foothold, the best solution you can get, is to have the wood treated during repairs or construction. You can even have it treated as a remedial treatment to hinder the fungus's growth.

Treatment comes in liquid form, and is either borate or boric acid. Borate prevents insect damage, but keep in mind that it is also water soluble, so don't use them where liquid water is present. Meanwhile, fused borate is what is used to protect log ends, while a log home is under construction. It's also what is applied onto wood utility poles to fight against dry rot.

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