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Dehumidification 101

Dehumidification 101 for Baltimore and Maryland

The main reason why your basement is susceptible to structural damages is moisture. Moisture comes from water leaks and cold air infiltration, and since dampness is the perfect environment for mold, rotting wood, and noxious odors, it is imperative that you keep your basement dry. Drying an area like your basement is not simple because unlike other rooms in your home, the sun barely reaches the basement. That is why we, at Floodbusters Basements, are here to help you keep your basement dry by teaching you several basement dehumidification techniques.

Seal All Leaks

Seal leaks Wet Basement Repair in Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, MD

In order to keep moisture out of your basement, you need to seal problematic leaks. Depending on the gaps you are handling, you can cover the leaks through simple methods. Normally, if the leaks are too difficult to seal, you’ll require professional help. However, if you are dealing with easy, small or large leaks, you can cover them by using canned polyurethane foam (for big holes) or caulk and silicone (for small holes). These items are easily found in your local hardware stores.

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Have Your Ventilation Systems Inspected

The state of your ventilation system can also affect the environment of your basement. If your vents are too old or too worn out from overuse, it is best that you let the experts have a look at them. Your ventilation system, after all, is what keeps the conditioned air circulating throughout your home. If it isn’t functioning properly, it can trap cold air inside your basement – creating more unnecessary moisture.

Consider Getting a Basement Dehumidification System


A dehumidifier is a strong tool for dealing with your basement’s moisture problems. Our dehumidification systems are made to ensure that the air in your basement or crawl space stays dry. This allows your basement or crawl space to retain its healthy and moisture-free environment.

Contact Floodbusters Basements for More Basement Waterproofing Services

Dehumidification systems are not always the solution to keeping your basement damp and moisture-free though. Your home may require a waterproofing system to keep the basement dry if there are seepage or flooding problems on top of the humidity. Floodbusters Basements are the professionals you need to protect your basement against moisture and flooding. We also offer other basement-related services such as, crawl space encapsulation and foundation crack repair. We serve the areas of Baltimore and all of Maryland, so give us a call at 410-220-6525, or visit our contact page to get started today.

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