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The Endless Possibilities of Basement Finishing in Towson MD

Basement Finishing in Towson MD

Ah, the potential of the unfinished basement. All that square footage begging to be transformed into useful living space. The possibilities are endless – a craft/sewing room with plenty of storage for supplies, a play area for the kids that evolves as they grow, the ever popular man cave with a giant flat screen television, pool table, and maybe a little sound-proofing for the budding musician. In areas with high housing demand, you might even transform your basement into an apartment for additional income.

It sounds perfect. With increased usable square footage, generally measured by livable heated space, you increase the value of your home. Just as important, you create a space uniquely tailored to your family’s needs.

There are some important things to remember, however. The basement is typically where the mechanicals for your house reside. It is important to take into consideration access to plumbing, heating systems, and all the piping related. A professional will be able to map out your systems and tell you which can be boxed in and what needs to be readily accessible.

Even more important is managing any dampness in your basement before undertaking a finishing project. While all the work would appear to be inside your home, in fact, the first place the professionals look for potential water problems is outside the home. From gutters to grading, what happens to the water outside directly affects what happens inside. A professional evaluation before you begin your basement project will save you money and heartache.

The quality and choice of materials available specific to basement finishing in Towson MD is astounding, taking into consideration vapor barrier needs, channeling for wiring and drainage, and insulation, while offering beautiful finishes for an attractive addition to your home.

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