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Identifying a Problematic Home Foundation

Home Foundation

A foundation supports the entire weight of a house. The weight is distributed equally across the foundation. This ensures that the soil level changes underneath the home do not affect the level or shape of the home. However, if the foundation is built on low-quality soil or if the soil is not structured properly during the construction of the foundation, the concrete can start to sink or rise under the structure. You will be able to identify any problem with the foundation by observing the surrounding walls, and floors.

Window corners

A particularly strained area in your home is the room’s 90-degree corner to the corner of the window. If you see a hairline crack there, then it is a sign that there may a problem with thefoundation of the house. Measure the width of the crack periodically once (if) it appears. If you notice that the crack is widening, then you can be sure that the foundation is shifting. Get in touch with a professional structural engineer for evaluation and to proceed with measures to correct it.

Block wall settlement

If your garage or your basement has concrete or brick wall, then the joints between each block can give you an idea about the seriousness of the problems with your home foundation (if any). Many a time, these joints may start to pull apart and cracks will appear in the shape of a staircase. Measuring these cracks periodically will give you an idea about the severity of the foundation problem. While a small crack does not require your immediate attention, a crack of 0.5 inches or more means a very serious problem, and should be taken care of immediately.

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Observing the concrete foundation

If your home has a finished concrete floor or if you have just covered the concrete with a carpet, you can look at the foundation directly for any cracks. Vertical foundation cracks that dive deep into the concrete means a serious foundation problem and should be taken care of immediately. A wide crack at the top of the foundation indicates that the sides of the house are sinking downward.Get in touch with a structural engineer or a home repair company for foundation repair.


If you notice that the doors of your home are swinging roughly within their frames or are getting stuck, that means you have a foundation problem, probably close to the problematic doors. Measure the gap between the top edge of the door and the frame. A larger gap shows a severe rise or fall of the foundation. Since you use the doors most often, you will be able to find out any issues with the foundation near to them and take care of it immediately. Simple observations like these will help you to keep your home safe and in good condition.