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How To Check For Mold Behind Drywall


Not all mold is bad for you as far as your health is concerned and there is no way for you to get rid of mold, it is everywhere. Mold, however is bad for buildings and structures, especially ones that are not stone or cement based. Crawl space mold needs three things to get set up and flourish and that is moisture, warmth, and food. Basement leaks, for example provide all the right conditions and mold there is expected and you are likely to check it often.

What about Drywall?

It is not possible to check behind and in between walls for mold and more often than not it is discovered only after the mold gets heavy enough to be noticeable on the other side of the wall or it begins to sag. Tearing down and replacing drywall is expensive and costs a lot of time and disruption from daily life, so you will want to avoid having to do that.

There exists equipment that can look through walls and check for moisture with a number of sensors, but that is not available for the general public and can cost too much to own. You can look for signs of mold, or if you are careful enough, catch it on time and bypass the pain of actually having to get rid of mold after it appears.


If you have gone through a burst pipe, heavy rains or even snowfall, you are likely to have a small trickle of water or moisture in some parts of the house. First thing to do is to block the leak. If you can find or get someone to do it for you, make sure there is no stray water anywhere, and more importantly, do not let water sit or pool up. If you can see or feel wetness or smell something musty in a particular room or see a patch of wetness, make sure you get rid of the water coming to it. If you catch it early enough and arrest the growth, it will eventually dry up and the mold will be gone. It will stay dormant till it gets water again, so make sure your fix is a permanent one.

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