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5 Signs of a Basement Leak In Your Home

Keeping your basement clean and dry not only adds to the durability of your home, it adds to the health of its inhabitants. Taking care of minor leaks and water damage can make a big contribution to your home in the long run. Here are five ways to spot a basement leak:


This is an easy one. Mold is mother nature’s way of telling us something has gone bad. Moisture build up in your basement caused by a leak can cause mold to grow just about anywhere. The added moisture in the air leads to mold growth with produces allergens and irritants. The most common cause of mold in a basement is flooding.

Cracks in the Foundation

Cracking in the concrete occurs naturally as the soil under the foundation shifts over time. If the foundation is waterproofed correctly, these cracks will not cause leaks. However, if the foundation was not waterproofed correctly, these cracks can serve as an entry point for moisture into your home.

Tie Holes

Holes left from tie rods can also be a weak spot for moisture. Tie rods are used in the initial construction of basements to hold forms together. After the concrete is poured and rods are removed, the hole they leave behind is patched up. If the hole is not patched properly, moisture can make its way into your basement.

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